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> What is a Lace Front Wig?

> What does synthetic wigs mean?

> Can you stain woven fabrics?

> Arethere wig sizes?

> What is a wig or a weave made of natural hair?

> What is a Lace Front Wig?

The Lace Front or Front Lace Wig is undetectable because there is no clear demarcation on the face

The hair or fibres (human hair or synthetic fibres), are manually implanted in the direction of growth on a tulle base (a transparent veil) for a natural effect on your head

This kind of wig has become famous since Beyoncé international star, wears it in everyday life

> What does it mean synthetic wigs?

The wig you ordered is made of high quality synthetic hair that looks similar to natural hair with a good price-quality ratio.

If the wig has the mention Futura or High Tex or Fibre High Heat it means that it accepts electric iron up to 180°C

> Can we colour on weaves?

We strongly advise against colouring a synthetic weave as this will reduce its lifespan and may cause it to become entangled.
If you wish to colour a weave, we recommend Brazilian virgin weaves.

> Are there wig sizes?

All our wigs have a standard stretchable cap, which fits most physiognomies.

> What areis it a wig or a weave of natural hair?

Natural hair" means a mixture of human hair and high quality synthetic fibres. The advantage of natural (or semi-human) hair is that it behaves like human hair and is much more affordable